Friday, April 13, 2012

Stop USDA Wildlife Services killing and harrassment of animals

Stop killing and harassment of animals by USDA Wildlife Services (and other government agencies or private companies!)

The American Society of Mammalogists recently wrote to USDA APHIS with recommendations for redirection of management operations by Wildlife Services

We write to you to urge the redirection of management operations of an agency of USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services known as Wildlife Services (WS) and specifically to substantially reduce its funding for lethal control of native wildlife species, especially native wild mammals. . . .

. . . we see from WS a heavy and inflexible emphasis on lethal control and a lack of scientific self-assessment of the effects of WS’s lethal control programs on native mammals and ecosystems.

. . . We call on USDA-APHIS to end the use of toxic chemicals left in the environment by WS (e.g. laced carcasses and M-44s); to cease aerial gunning activities in wilderness areas; to substantially reduce Wildlife Services’ budget for lethal control of native wild mammals, except in rare circumstances such as bona fide disease control, and where temporary predator control is necessary for another endangered species to become established and secured; and for WS to redirect its efforts at: 1) lethal control and eradication of invasive exotic species (including feral domestic species); 2) development, enhancement and public education in non- lethal remedies to avoid native wildlife conflict . . . and 3) research into holistic management, especially non-lethal methods, which acknowledges current ecosystem science and the value of top-down control by apex predators . . .

To reiterate, while the American Society of Mammalogists calls for (qualified) nonlethal control of native wild mammals, they call for lethal control and eradication of invasive exotic species including feral domestic species. No surprise as ASM sent a letter in opposition to feral or free roaming cats and Trap Neuter Release during the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission issue in 2003 and issued a 2010 Position Statement in opposition.

* Educate yourself about issues of wildlife management.
* Seek nonlethal and nontoxic solutions to all life and earth challenges, large or small -- especially, as related to this blog -- for needs regarding pest management, nuisance animals, local animal control agencies and animal shelters, wildlife and bird management.
* Support those organizations and companies using and working for nonlethal and nontoxic solutions, that you can agree with on balance!

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