Monday, February 27, 2012

UNT Student Perception of Feral Cats and Their Effects on Wildlife > April 2012 Ethnobiology Conference

The Society of Ethnobiology Annual Conference will be held at the Denver Botanic Gardens from April 11–14, 2012:

"A nonprofit professional organization dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of the relationships of plants and animals with human cultures worldwide."

Student Perception of Feral Cats and Their Effects on Campus Wildlife
Author(s): DOMBROSKY, Jonathan - Department of Anthropology, University of North Texas, and Stacey ANTILLA - Institute of Applied Science, Environmental Science, University of North Texas

Conference Abstract:
Feral cat populations are commonly controlled by Trap-Neuter-Return programs in the United States. The TNR program at the University of North Texas is maintained by the Feral Cat Rescue Group (FCRG). TNR programs are potentially controversial because though they offer a humane response for controlling cat populations, those same populations are of conservation concern. Feral cats are highly efficient predators of native wildlife, such as small birds and mammals. This project uses ethnoscience methods to assess student knowledge and perceptions of the UNT TNR program as well as conservation issues related to feral cat release.