Wednesday, November 15, 2006

humane society has effective quick cat fix

Humane Society has effective, quick fix to the Ghetto’s cat problem
Flyer News, Ohio - November 14, 2006

How many cats do you see on a daily basis? This was one of the questions that the Fierce PR team asked students during a focus group held last month. The Fierce PR team is part of the CMM 461 Public Relations Campaign class, whose main goal is to raise awareness about the over population of feral cats in the student neighborhood.

The Humane Society of Greater Dayton wants to help the Ghetto. The plan is for The CAT (Cat Assistance Team) to trap and spay cats over Thanksgiving break. The CAT program is designed for cat lovers who want to help homeless cats. After the cats have been spayed, the Humane Society clips a small part of the cat?s ear to earmark them for students to know that they?ve already been caught by the Humane Society.

Everyone knows the famous UD cats: the engineering cat, the black cats by Stewart, and many more. Many students feed the cats, which doesn?t actually help the problem. They become dependent on food from the area, which isn?t always accessible to them. Another problem has been people harming the cats, which isn?t humane or necessary.

The CAT program is the most effective way to help the cats on campus. This will stop the cats from reproducing and eventually lower the cat population at UD. If you would like to assist in the trappings, which don?t harm the cats, please call the Humane Society or contact the Fierce PR Group at For more information on the Humane Society please visit

If students see a cat on campus without its ear clipped after the trappings have occurred, they should call the Humane Society at (937) 268-7387.

Jaimie Guerra
Public Relations