Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

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Animal control law on board's agenda
Modesto Bee - Modesto,CA,USA
The proposal also calls for $100 license fees for dog and cat owners who do not spay or neuter their animals, and a once-a-year limit on breeding. ...
[Feral Cat Blog! Note: See yesterday's post on Stanislaus County, CA]

Concerns raised as rising incidences of sheep abortions cost ...
The Scotsman, UK
... However, there is a proven link between cats and toxoplasma, first identified in 1970 ... The infection can remain viable in cat faeces, domestic and feral, for up ...

Abortion in sheep flock ‘costs £30m’
The Herald, UK
... Even if there are no cats on a farm, there is a large population of feral cats in the countryside. They feed on mice and small birds. ...

Cat Ordinance
... The new law doesn't allow unlicensed people to trap cats, but it allows the town to work with two agencies, Animal Control and Sterile Feral Foundation, to ...

Freezing Temperatures Strike
KFOXtv.com, TX
... smallest doses. Also make sure that if you plan to drive you tap the hood of your car and make sure that stray cats haven't climbed in.

Librarian brings big ideas to Jefferson
Albany Democrat Herald, OR
... Some come in to see, Booker, the library's four-year-old black, stray that showed up a year ago and ... If someone is allergic to or afraid of cats, Booker goes out ...
[Feral Cat Blog! Resource:
Library Cats Map ]

Public can join open house honoring Meals on Wheels volunteers
Salem Statesman Journal, OR
... The Salem Friends of Felines in partnership with PETsMART are staging a Santa with pets photo opportunity that they're calling "Santa Paws," 11 am to 4 pm Dec. ...

The Claim: Pregnant Women Should Avoid Cats
New York Times, NY
... alcohol and cigarettes. But cats? In fact, expectant mothers are often told that their cats are a potential threat. And while this ...
[Feral Cat Blog! Resources:
* From Centers for Disease Control (CDC), a downloadable pdf file:
Toxoplasmosis: An Important Message for Women
Do I have to get rid of my cat? No, you do not have to give up your cat if you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant. Follow these helpful tips to reduce your risk: ...
* The HSUS Reaches Out to Ob-Gyn's on the Myths and Facts of Toxoplasmosis
January 27, 2004
The HSUS is contacting more than 31,000 obstetricians and gynecologists nationwide with information to help them and their patients understand the facts about the risks of toxoplasmosis, with the message that pregnant women need not give up their cats. ]

Law Prohibits Dog and Cat in Same House
Miami Herald (subscription), FL
PROVO, Utah - The truth about cats and dogs in this city is that they aren't allowed to live in the same house. But that's about to change. ...

Startup of Alcoa's Wenatchee smelter nears
Seattle Post Intelligencer, WA
... Loads of raw materials have been arriving at the Alcoa Wenatchee Works as the aluminum smelter prepares to resume production next month - but the cats may have ...

New vaccine to protect Maitland cats from AIDS
Maitland Mercury, Australia
... delivery of its first batch of the Fel-O-Vax FIV vaccine, a breakthrough medical discovery which is hoped will save the lives of thousands of cats each year. ...
[Feral Cat Blog! Resource:
American Association of Feline Practitioners Position Statement: Fel-O-Vax ® FIV Information Brief ]

Cat got your tree?
Warning device can keep pets out of trouble.
Indianapolis Star, IN
... "Our customers were looking for a way to keep cats off countertops in the kitchen and away from plants or candles on a mantel," says Schindelhauer, a marketing ...

Cats seek a loving owner
Cambridge Evening News, UK
The Cats Protection League has 26 cats in Huntingdon, Ramsey and St Ives that they are desperate to place with a loving owner. Carol ...

Monday, November 29, 2004

Stanislaus County, CA

Pet overpopulation plan likely to become a peeve
Modesto Bee - Modesto,CA,USA
Cats would have to be licensed, fees for unaltered animals would skyrocket and pet breeding would be limited under a proposal to be considered Tuesday by Stanislaus County supervisors. …
… The problem is real — too many unwanted animals and too many irresponsible pet owners. We just don't think this proposal is the solution, and we urge county supervisors and city leaders to stay focused on finding a better answer.

Numerous news articles on this issue have been posted previously on Feral Cats in the News ~ the Feral Cat Blog! One can do an edit/find search for Stanislaus or Modesto.

Additional links:

Stanislaus County, CA / Board of Supervisors / Agendas, Minutes
Click on Current Agenda
Downloadable pdf files [these particular pdf files load first to your screen, to be read or saved from there]:
Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors, Current Agenda for November 30, 2004 Meeting

A. Public Hearing to Consider the Introduction and Waiving of the First Reading of an Ordinance Relating to the Breeding, Transferring, Licensing, and Spaying and Neutering of Dogs and Cats and Establish Fees for the Department of Animal Services
20 pages

B. Public Hearing to Consider the Introduction and Waiving of the First Reading of an Ordinance Amending Chapters 7.16, 7.24, 7.32, 7.48 and Amending Existing Fees and Adding New Fees to Chapter 7.50, Title 47 — Animals, of the Stanislaus County Code
10 pages

Important Legislation for Companion Animals
Stanislaus Ordinance: The first of its kind in the world
Animal Legislative Action Network
Stanislaus Board of Supervisors, Taxing Breeders

American Kennel Club (AKC) News/Legislative Alerts
Stanislaus County, CA Faces Breeding Restrictions
[Tuesday, November 16, 2004]

Cat Fanciers Association (CFA)
CFA: Legislative Alert - California - Stanislaus County
[November 19, 2004]

Monday, November 29, 2004

Largely supplanted by bridges, state's ferries remain vital link
Contra Costa Times (subscription), CA
... In addition to her ferry duties, she cares for 12 mostly feral cats that have taken up residence in her yard. On slow days she reads ...

Council to weigh Nagin's budget
Times Picayune, LA
... or $350,000 more than the administration's recommendation, to continue fighting animal abuse and protecting the public from dangerous dogs and feral cats. ...

Special needs
Shelby Star, NC
... With about 20 dogs and cats, a colony of feral cats and numerous chickens, geese and other birds already in her care, Mrs. Mayne found one more place in her ...

Cat leash law begins in Normal

Cat leash law begins tomorrow
... The new law doesn't allow unlicensed people to trap cats, but it allows the town to work with two agencies -- Animal Control and Sterile Feral Foundation -- to ...

Hope left for Coquille Point's puffins?
OregonLive.com, OR
... A draft environmental review proposes hunting, trapping, gassing or poisoning foxes, feral cats, raccoons and rats that become a problem on offshore rocks and ...

Wild cats reign in ASU's shadows
Web Devil
ASU is home to many stray cats, said David Brixen, director of facilities management, who said the cats use tunnels that run throughout ASU's campus. ...

PHS negotiates coast move
San Mateo Daily Journal, CA
... animal control contract, it also oversees officers who pick up stray and injured ... Instead, cats and dogs would have separate colonies of approximately 10 dogs ...

Realism on stray animals
Houston Chronicle, TX
... of my life and a lover of animals, I try to look at the stray dog and cat ... Left to roam, these dogs and cats will continue to breed, spread diseases and, in the ...

Dealing with multiplying cats
Valletta Times, Malta
... concerned about the disappearance of cats from their wonted haunts need not have applied so much angst to the matter because the "missing" felines have been ...

Luxury gifts for canines, felines and their owners
CBS MarketWatch
... That's right, a tent for one's cat or dog. CatsPlay sells one for felines and canines alike, in several patterns and designs. The ...

Provo to vote on changing pet laws
Provo Daily Herald, UT
Provo residents who have both dogs and cats as pets are breaking the law -- but one Provo family is working to change that. On Dec. ...

Activists seek no-kill status at all of region's animal shelters
Virginian Pilot - Norfolk,VA,USA
... Pilot. Animal-rights activists are pushing to make all of Hampton Roads a no-kill zone for healthy animals that end up in shelters. ...

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Cat law starts Monday
Bloomington Pantagraph - Bloomington,IL,USA
... The Sterile Feral Foundation deals with cat colonies. Members trap the cats, have them neutered, then return them to the same area. ...

Housing animals takes more than good intentions
Indianapolis Star - Indianapolis,IN,USA
... And then there are the unseen "zombie cats.". That's what neighbor Angela White, 19, calls the feral animals that still scurry around her former neighbor's yard ...

Foundation will match Forever Paws donations
The Herald News - Fall River,MA,USA
... their owners. Burnett said there are about 150,000 feral cats in the city, so the issue of homeless cats is a major problem. The cat ...

The fox needs guarding, not the henhouse
Greensboro News Record, NC
... She's an indoor cat but retains enough wild instinct from her feral days that every night, out of habit, she restlessly patrols from window to ... Including cats.

Roanoke Times, VA
Advice to cat owners when moving to a new home
[Plus this Excerpt]
In my Nov. 14 column, I was guilty of some misinformation for which I apologize. I am indebted to Dr. Andrew Rosenberger of the Conservation Management Institute for the following correction:
I wanted to point out that Virginia law prohibits the release or relocation of any wild animal unless done so on your own property. The reasoning behind this is primarily to protect the animal. Many wild animals are territorial and are willing to protect the claim to ensure that they have enough room to meet their basic requirements of food, water, shelter, cover and space. Relocating an animal may end up causing that animal suffering as it tries to find a new place to live while crossing many defended territories. It would be the equivalent of dropping your dog off 20 houses away and expecting your dog to make it home uninjured from crossing the 20 other properties that all have dogs.
The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries states this at http://www.dgif.state.va.us/wildlife/nuisance_wildlife.html. Under the Code of Virginia [4 VAC 15-20-160], 10 species are defined as nuisance species. These include:
Mammals: House mouse (Mus musculus), Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus), black rat (Rattus rattus), coyote (Canis latrans), feral hog (Sus scrofa), nutria (Myocastor coypus) and woodchuck (Marmota monax).
Birds: European starling (Sturnus vulgaris), English (house) sparrow (Passer domesticus) and pigeon (Rock Dove) (Columba livia).
Under state law, these species can be killed at any time and in any manner that is legal under state and local laws. It is not legal to trap these wildlife alive and move them to another location. These are the only species this applies to and a permit or hunting license is required to use lethal methods on other wildlife that becomes a nuisance.

For abandoned cats, two women are only ‘friends’
New Britain Herald, CT
NEW BRITAIN -- If you ask two local women what is a sure sign of a bad economy, they would tell you, ‘it’s the cats stupid.’. ...

Yelp for Help...Our Stray Animals
di-ve.com, Malta
... So if you want to help us help the stray populations of cats and dogs in Malta and all those people who dedicate so much time, effort and very often personal ...

Council continues weighing the pound
San Antonio Express (subscription), TX
... the pound, which this year will euthanize nearly 50,000 unwanted and stray animals. ... because they cannot take the wailing of terrified dogs and cats locked into ...

Lynnell Burkett: No easy answers for the pound
San Antonio Express (subscription) - San Antonio,TX,USA
... we have to go. The real solution, of course, is a no-kill shelter and a focus on adoption and care of animals. Clear also is that ...

Campaign aims to find new digs for cats and dogs
Asbury Park Press, NJ
Three year-old Fluffy Meowington and his roommates Momma Cass and Sheba, both 5, are among the close to 200 cats available for adoption at the Monmouth County ...

Carnival of the Cats
(posted weekly on Sundays by 6pm central)

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Pests pose increasing risk to rare Okinawa bird
Asahi Shimbun, Japan
... Mongooses, stray cats, jungle crows and human development projects have slashed the numbers of the yanbaru kuina, or Okinawa rail, and drastically squeezed the ...

Animal lover makes another rescue
Danbury News Times, CT
... Six cats share her Bethel household and all but one was a stray. For McCauley, who simply loves animals, it is pure “instinct” that ...

Cats, Dogs & Donations
The Saratogian, NY
... And so we walked right through the door and down a long corridor until the left door was for dogs and the right door was for cats. ...
… We decided to find out why we couldn't make financial donations to the Animal Shelter. …

WAG seeks outlying communities’ support
Whistler Question, Canada
... Coffey said the only effective solution for the Mount Currie area would be a spay-and-neuter program, which comes at a high cost. ...

Volunteer Hawaii
Feral cat feeding support
Kaneohe, HI 96744 - www.animal-care.org
Sponsored by Animal CARE Foundation
Many times feral cat colony managers are single individuals or couples with no support system to feed in the event of illness, family emergency or even to go on vacation. These individuals tirelessly provide daily feeding and care to. . . (more)

Foster family
Kaneohe, HI 96744 - www.animal-care.org
Sponsored by Animal CARE Foundation
Animal CARE Foundation needs caring families to help foster both healthy and ill/injured animals until permanent situations appropriate to the animals' needs can be found. We work with wildlife, feral cats, and abandoned animals of all species.
Special. . . (more)

Vox Populi: "Do we have to change the Vox Populi line to School ...
Savannah Morning News, GA
... Feral cats keep the rat population down. Stop turning in cats to animal control.". "I grew up in Savannah and have been away for over 55 years. ...

Friday, November 26, 2004

Friday, November 26, 2004

Volunteers open hearts and homes to cats in need
[Community Cat Care, Santa Rosa, CA]
San Francisco Chronicle, CA [must register]
"They are doing an incredible service for the community, if nothing else, by saving tax dollars," Patrick says. "Animal Control in Sonoma County has a limited budget. They look after kittens that were deemed not adoptable. They don't even have to be feral. Some of the kittens they take in are very small, which means they are trainable and could become pets."

Feral cats at 'critical mass'
Chicago Daily Herald - Chicago,IL,USA
... Calls for help are up; space for feral cats - those that are born and raised in the wild - is down. "They are out there breeding unchecked. ...

Reducing county pet overpopulation
Modesto Bee, CA
It took the Coalition for Cats and Dogs more than a year to get ... trap-neuter-return, the humane and effective solution to controlling the feral cat population. ...

Feral cat program gets grant
Hattiesburg American, MS
Feral cats are domestic cats that were born in the wild or have been without human contact for so long they have reverted to pre-socialized instincts. ...

Budgets Squeeze Animal-Control Efforts
Hartford Courant (subscription), CT
... help more, say some animal-control officials, is more education about responsible pet ownership and curbing the population of unlicensed dogs and stray cats. ...

Reader's Alley
Helena Independent Record, MT
... I have dogs and cats myself and have lost two cats due to stray dogs in my yard, so boo-freakin'-hoo. Tie up your next dog or build a fence.

Medical Noah's Ark keeps beasts afloat
Rocky Mountain News, CO
... Cats heal notoriously well if cage-rested for six weeks.". The good news about Sophie is mirrored by the word on Moose, an adorable stray kitten who was trapped ...

City pound: Privatize or build?
News Courier, AL
... "I think this is really helping to limit the number of stray dogs and cats in the county," the commission chairman said. Pitman ...

City Critters: Wildlife abounds in the urban area, to the dismay ...
The Register-Guard, Oregon
... "Part of that is they're being attracted to the deer, the turkeys being fed, nutria and the stray dogs and cats," Castillo said. ...

Many animals are homeless for holidays
The Register-Guard, Oregon
... adopting animals because of all their other activities, but the dogs and cats are still ... First Avenue just off Bertelsen Road in Eugene must take in stray dogs. ...

ADVOCATE GRAPEVINE - November 25, 2004
Georgina Advocate, Canada
... Street Cats, which helps stray cats, hosts an open house and fundraiser from 10 am to 4 pm at Four Directions Yoga Studio on Henry Street at The Queensway. ...

Letter: A thank you from volunteers at Nine Lives of Norton
Norton Mirror, MA
Up to the present time, this year has been a very busy and successful one, 150 of our felines being adopted by permanent and laving families. ...

Cats and rabbits are killer animals!:
New Kerala, India
[World News]: London, Nov 25 : You thought cats and rabbits were cute and adorable, but the World Conservation Union doesn't think so. ...

Library cats curl up with some good books
Chicago Tribune (subscription), IL
Two cats named Paige and Turner have joined the growing ranks of cats given homes in public libraries, where they are getting rave reviews for their ability to ...

Law allows cats to attack dogs
NEWS.com.au, Australia
BY the law of the genteel jungle of Sydney's inner west, it is cats that come out on top. While Bob the Dog faces criminal charges ...

Four cats in a flap
The Times, UK
... The concept of cats as children is something that is easy to laugh at when it extends to making up soppy names, upside-down cuddling and feeding of organic ...

Cats And Cancer
"There's been controversy about the amount of vaccinations that are necessary for both cats and dogs," Emerson said. That's because ...

Officials defend KC animal shelter
Kansas City Star (subscription), MO
... “The problem is residents who don't spay or neuter their pets, don't license them and don't keep the animals on their properties,” Johnson said. ...

Munn wants mandatory spay/neuter plan in city
Brandon Sun, Canada
The city needs to "buck up" and implement a mandatory spay and neuter program, says Brandon Humane Society manager Tracy Munn. "It's ...

Thursday, November 25, 2004

November 25, 2004 - Thanksgiving Day

Feral cat program gets grant
Hattiesburg American, MS
Feral cats are domestic cats that were born in the wild or have been without human contact for so long they have reverted to pre-socialized instincts. ...

Business, cat calls occupy City Council
The Herald-Star Online, OH
In other business, council members also discussed a possible problem with feral cats in the city.
City Manager Bruce Williams said the city once followed the practice of responding to calls of problem cats. However he said he decided to put a stop to the practice of trapping the cats unless council members say differently. He said developing a policy against feral cats is fairly uncommon in communities.
"I stopped the practice. My concern is we may be picking up someone's prized pet," said Williams. "We continue to get cat calls, but we have to say (we're) sorry."
Council agreed that developing a policy against the cats may put pets in danger.

McManus: Family grateful for lessons learned from a not always ...
Hingham Journal, MA
... cat that came, amusingly enough, from a "Mister Mann," a gentle gardener who fed an entire colony of sweet-tempered but neglected feral cats living among the ...

Swissvale getting tough with its absentee property owners
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA
... with plywood. It didn't work. Now there is a gaping hole 5 or 6 feet in diameter. Feral cats slink in and out. Carroll says the ...

Animal control officers seize 18 cats, 1 dog from Lodi home
Lodi News-Sentinel, CA
... Officers could not catch six of the cats that were wild, so they were left ... Though some of the animals appeared to be feral, they were being cared for, police ...

Animal euthanasia policy fought
Modesto Bee, CA
... of abuse and failure to follow state and federal law." It alleges that animal control officers routinely euthanize owner-surrendered and stray cats and dogs ...

Neighbors impacted by cat hoarding
Pioneer Press Online, IL
... 10 after responding to complaints of numerous stray cats appearing to be hanging around the house, said Vernon Hills Deputy Police Chief Bill Price. ...

Animal control fees could rise next year
Howell Tri Town News, NJ
... Under the agreement, animal control will only pick up stray dogs. However, cats will be picked up if they are sick or injured. According ...

Council examines budget
Oneida Dispatch, NY
... of Chittenango. The money would enable volunteers to come to Oneida to pick up stray cats and spay or neuter them. It also would ...

GarCo seeks shelter
Glenwood Springs Post Independent, CO
With the Colorado Animal Rescue shelter at Spring Valley full, and the fact that most of the stray dogs and cats come from the west end of the county, it just ...

Residents Pack Pound Practices Meeting
ClickonSA.com, TX
... demand a change in the way the City of San Antonio euthanizes stray animals. ... of media coverage that revealed that tens of thousands of dogs and cats are gassed ...

Gobble, gobble: Meet the wild turkey
Amador Ledger-Dispatch - Jackson,CA,USA
One way to help these birds and our other wildlife neighbors is to take responsibility and have your cat spayed or neutered.
Now, thanks to the veterinarians in Amador County, residents can help alleviate this predicament by getting cats spayed or neutered. Just pick up the phone, make an appointment, have proof of residency and give the gift of life to our local wildlife. Feral cats (those running about wild) will be done for free. Medi-Cal recipients can have their cats done for a mere $15 and the general public can get a certificate from A-PAL (223-0410) for up to 50 percent off the normal charge. What better way to offer Thanksgiving to our native wildlife neighbors?

Animal shelter policies eyed
Durham Herald Sun - Durham,NC,USA
... County Manager John Link said officials must find a balance between those advocating for a "no-kill" shelter and those favoring euthanasia immediately after 30 ...

5 adopted animals die after surgery since July
Durham Herald Sun - Durham,NC,USA
... which took over control of the shelter from APS following two years of public controversy, contracts with two veterinary clinics to spay and neuter its animals ...

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Currently on the New York City Feral Cat Council home webpage, a reminder about training and services available:
Doing Right by the Cats Takes A Little Feral Education

People Fight over Cats and Dogs
Fifty thousand dogs and cats will be put to death this year by the City of San Antonio, and at a public forum Tuesday night, several people in attendance said ...

Residents bark at pound chiefs
San Antonio Express (subscription), TX
... as an overflow audience called for radical reform at the city Animal Care and Control facility, which this year will gas to death nearly 50,000 cats and dogs ...

Health director blames workers for pound woes
San Antonio Express (subscription), TX
... San Antonians have expressed outrage since the newspaper detailed outdated practices at the Animal Care and Control facility, where nearly 50,000 cats and dogs ...

Purr-fect pal
ic Teesside.co.uk, UK
... She is a volunteer for Saltburn Animal Rescue Association (SARA). Everyday she opens her home to numerous stray and abandoned cats and kittens. ...

She loves to see them leave
Daily Pilot (subscription), CA
... for about two years with the Orange County Animal Rescue Coalition, a group that rescues cats from a shelter in Corona and gives the felines a second chance at ...

Council Bluffs Cats Get New Digs
Iowa Channel.com, IA
... Visitors to the Friskees Web site gave the shelter more than 68,000 votes. The money will be used for build a special room for the shelter's cats. ...

Volunteer Opportunities
Oakland Tribune, CA
FIX OUR FERALS in Oakland needs volunteers to assist in spay and neuter clinics for homeless cats, 528-6947 or fixourferals.org.
ISLAND CAT RESOURCES in Alameda needs help with adoption, socializing, trapping and transporting feral cats to spay/neuter clinics, 869-2584.

Animal lovers to the rescue
[North Canton, Stark County, OH]
Massillon Independent, OH
… Coalition for Animal Concerns, a network of groups and individuals concerned about the plight of Stark County’s animal population.
The coalition is concentrating its efforts on education, providing assistance to senior citizens and low-income residents and making low-cost spay and neuter programs available for residents.
With the help of area veterinarians, the coalition recently offered a low-cost spay and neuter program for cats to eligible Stark residents.
“We were advised not to get into dogs,” McManaway said.

Loving homes needed for some pretty puddy cats
Armidale Express, Australia
... past fortnight, the organisation is pleading for cat owners to have their animals de-sexed., A $15,000 grant from RSPCA NSW has enabled 230 dogs and cats to be ...

New land subdivision Dogs:yes Cats:No
Gloucester Advocate, Australia
Gloucester Shire Council has banned cats from its newest residential subdivision to be offered for sale on December 18. Councillors ...

Residents speak out against SPCA
News Leader, GA
VERONA -- Edie Wilson of Swoope told the Augusta County Board of Supervisors that her cat was euthanized at the Augusta Regional SPCA after a neighbor brought it to the shelter thinking it was a stray cat.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

On the prowl for a feline fix
The Duke Chronicle - Durham,N.C,USA
... The "trap-neuter-return" program, or TNR, has succeeded in spaying and neutering hundreds of Durham-area cats, as well as vaccinating them and finding homes ...

Editorial: Speak up to change how animals treated
San Antonio Express (subscription), TX
... The city now employs only two people to staff a spay/neuter clinic. More city resources are needed for this program. Private philanthropists ...

Akron's 311 System Tied Up With Cat Calls
NewsNet5.com, OH
Workers operating the line say they've gotten more calls about stray cats and leaf pickup than anything else, NewsChannel5 reported. ...

Hidden Problem of Feral Cats
It's not welcome, and it's putting up a fight. Stray and feral cats living out of dumpsters; a nuisance behind apartments, houses, even restaurants. ...

Curbing the Stray Cat Population
KSL Radio, UT
West Valley City has launched a pilot project aimed at curbing the feral cat population.
... Animal Shelter Director Karen Bird says they've seen a 30 percent drop in feral cats coming into the shelter since March. Volunteers ...

Timely information featured today on Neighborhood Cats (NYC) home webpage from their regular Information webpage):
Winterizing for Ferals
Feral Cat Winter Shelter
Preventing Water from Freezing
"Vitamin C to the Rescue"

Monroe control officer faces cruelty charge in cat's death
New Brunswick Home News Tribune, NJ
... chance. There is no such thing as a wild cat or feral cat. By law cats are domestic animals," Goldman said. "He did the wrong thing. ...

Minister Pullicino says stray cats at San Anton were removed ...
di-ve.com, Malta
... and the Environment George Pullicino said that the Environmental Landscapes Consortium did not ask for permission before transferring the stray cats from San ...

N.Va. Librarian Virginia Kahl Dies; Wrote, Illustrated Children's ...
Washington Post, DC
... Ms. Kahl, an Alexandria resident, regularly fed stray cats in the Mount Vernon area and at one point shared her home with 22 of them.

Licensing keeps tabs on your pet
Summit Daily News, CO
... "Most people think the reason for licensing is to put money into government coffers. But the main purpose of a license is to reunite a stray with its owner. ...

Teaching cats to play nice
OregonLive.com, OR
Cats, unlike dogs, are aloof. They're loners. ... It turns out that the conventional wisdom was wrong. Cats are social creatures, and loving and affectionate pets. ...

Woman jailed after cats are found in home again
Indianapolis Star, IN
... 2002. She cared for three grandchildren in a house police said had urine-soaked carpeting and feces from about 30 cats. On Aug. ...

Dozens of Wild Cats Found Living in Tempe Home
KPHO Phoenix, AZ
(CBS 5 News)--Dozens of wild cats are found living in a Tempe home in what neighbors are describing a very smelly situation! The ...

Health Beat: Good behavior around animals reduces risk of rabies
Gloucester Daily Times, MA
... If you feed feral cats, exercise caution as well. ... Don't bring stray, wild or dead animals into classrooms as a teaching tool. ...

New Bedford Standard, MA
... of Habitat for Cats -- a local shelter whose 30 volunteers rescue homeless cats, offer foster homes and eventually places the fortunate felines with new ...

Ministers to shake-up animal welfare and rural laws
Over 20 pieces of animal welfare legislation are to be tied together in one bill under government plans announced in the Queen's Speech.
... Bill will update regulations applying to dog and cat boarding establishments ... be allowed to introduce codes of practice, modernise existing licensing regimes and ...

Monday, November 22, 2004

Monday, November 22, 2004

[Feral Cat Blog! Purpose - right sidebar below Resources]

World's 100 most destructive species named
Rare plants and creatures face extinction as vigorous invaders devour everything in their path, conservationists warn
Independent, UK
[Feral Cat Blog! Resource: IUCN - The World Conservation Union
The organization changed its name into International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) in 1956. In 1990 it was shortened to IUCN -The World Conservation Union.

World Conservation Congress News
IUCN CALLS FOR A MORATORIUM ON THE FURTHER RELEASE OF GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS (GMOs) 22 November 2004 ( 125 ) Today, IUCN Members called for a moratorium on the further release of genetically modified organisms. At the Members Business Assembly, the amended resolution "A moratorium on the further release of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)" (revised CGR3.RES011-Rev1) was approved with 84 votes of State Members in favour of it, 48 against and 12 not taking a position. Amongst the NGO Members, 219 voted in favour of the resolution, 22 against and 59 abstained. Each State Member has three votes, NGO Members have one.

BETTER SIGNALS NEEDED ON WILDLIFE TRADE SUPER-HIGHWAY 22 November 2004 ( 124 ) Mounting evidence that the trade in wild animals and plants is escalating to unsustainable levels is forcing governments, donors and civil society to work together in a more co-ordinated fashion to address a biodiversity conservation challenge of unprecedented magnitude.

World’s largest conservation gathering opens to escalating global species extinction crisis

2004 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

[A reader forwarded -- thanks Susan!]
It's a SNAP
Program keeps pet population - and owners' costs - down
Star Gazette News, NY
But now the Quinns and thousands of other cat and dog lovers in the Southern Tier have an affordable solution to the growing pet overpopulation problem.
It's called the Spay Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP), and offers free or low-cost spay/neuter operations for people who can't afford to have their pets "fixed."
The program covers 10 counties and has done more than 6,000 spay/neuter operations since it began in July 2003.
The operations are done by a team of four veterinarians and two veterinarain technicians with Shelter Outreach Services (SOS). The private, Ithaca-based nonprofit organization was developed to help reduce pet overpopulation by making sterilization surgery more affordable and available.
SOS was started by Dr. Leslie D. Appel, one of the veterinarians who travel the region, performing the operations Tuesdays through Fridays at five clinic locations, ...
[Note the list of resources at end of article.]

Salina NY Minutes for October 25, 2004
PUBLIC HEARING Proposed Local Law No. 6 OF 2004 (Animal Control: Cats)
… She continued to discuss with Mr. Primo and Councilor Giarrusso the possibility of two general sets of procedures; one being for owned cats and the other for unowned or feral cats. …
… Councilor Giarrusso moved to continue this PUBLIC HEARING on Proposed Local Law No. 6 (Animal Control: cats) as the first order of business at the November 22, 2004 regular meeting; seconded by Councilor Stott and agreed to with the following members voting: Councilor Stott: Aye, Councilor Giarrusso: Aye, and Councilor Nicotra: Aye. Motion carried unanimously.

[PDF] City Council Regular Meeting Minutes - Monday, October 11, 2004
[Total relevant excerpt is posted, so no need to download. Just provided the pdf as the source.]
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
... Thanked council for dealing with the feral cats. ...
[Feral Cat Blog! Note: If you are from or interested in the Dacono area, you could check through previous council meeting minutes to possibly see how these feral cats were 'dealt with.' ]

Some city officials already see fiscal package falling short
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA
... to holidays, vacation days and other rules; and eliminating departments, including its Engineering and Construction Department and its spay and neuter program. ...
[Feral Cat Blog! Note: Many animal control agencies across the US are underfunded in the first place (non-existent in some areas) and do not direct enough dollars toward PREVENTION. Then when money is tight, ac budgets may be cut. Not smart. It's up to animal advocates to educate, inform and convince!]

Officials respond to outrage over animal shelter practices
Fort Worth Star Telegram (subscription), TX
SAN ANTONIO - Responding to reports about the mass slaughter of stray dogs and cats, San Antonio leaders said they will work to improve conditions and find ...

San Antonio may adopt 'no kill' policy on strays
News 24 Houston, TX
... This year the pound is expected to euthanize nearly 50,000 dogs and cats -- that's more per capita than any other major city in the country. ...

San Antonio may adopt 'no kill' police on strays
Fort Worth Star Telegram (subscription), TX
SAN ANTONIO - Responding to reports about the mass slaughter of stray dogs and cats, San Antonio leaders said they will work to improve conditions and find ...

Felines, foliage dominate 311 calls
Akron Beacon Journal (subscription), OH
... The No. 1 topic of calls? The lack of space at the Summit County cat shelter to house stray cats rounded up from around town. ``That's ...

Report on city's shelter could prompt switch to 'no-kill' approach
Houston Chronicle, TX
SAN ANTONIO - Responding to reports about the mass slaughter of stray dogs and cats, San Antonio leaders said they will work to improve conditions and find ...

Tender, loving care to share
Grand Island Independent, NE
... I was the one who always brought home the stray kitty," she ... For example, it has the capacity for 40 cats and Norton said that they are currently "packed to the ...

Fatal crashes caused by animals at all-time high
Cadillac News, MI
... Other animals that cause crashes include horses, moose, dogs, bears, cats and opossums, though none is responsible for a significant number. ...

Metro Record
Make certain Fluffy, Rover are licensed
DesMoinesRegister.com - Des Moines,IA,USA
... Dog and cat owners can now apply for 2005 pet licenses at the city clerk's office or the city animal shelter. A city ordinance requires all dogs and cats six ...

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Cats v. Birds in Japan: How To Reconcile Wildlife Conservation and Animal Protection, by Mitsuhiko A. Takahashi (Abstract)
Georgetown International Environmental Law Review
Volume XVII, Issue 1 (Fall 2004)
To save the endangered species in Japan’s Okinawan jungle, eliminating feral cats is inevitable. “Trap-spay/neuter- and release” has been a focal point in feral cat management, and it may be a rational solution, but is inadaptable in wilderness environment. A better solution is trapping the feral cats to save endangered species, but also to solicit government agencies to seek public involvement in deciding how to deal with the captured cats and encourage citizen groups to participate in avoiding lethal outcome. This proposal may sound like a circuitous and time consuming way to address the issue, but as Japanese proverbs say, “detour if you are in a rush.” Many jurisdictions continue to deal with cat issues half-heartedly. Comprehensive measures are most effective and should be implemented. Many tactics could be learned from advanced communities and proposals from humane groups. However, local cultures and situations influence relations between humans and animals. The feral cat problem, though universal, is a very local issue. Many of tactics could be shared, but there could be no uniform resolution except to educate the public to sterilize their cats and never abandon them.
Livid about wild cats
... He says there are quite a number of feral cats in Kalgoorlie-Boulder and they are a major issue in the arid zone outside of the city ...
ABC Net, Australia

Is Common Ground On Feral Cats and TNR Possible
[Quick download: File Format: Microsoft Word 2000]
American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians
"Some common ground is emerging, but we do not see how the establishment of permanent feral cat colonies can be part of the solution."
David A. Jessup, DVM, MPVM, ACZM
President, American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians

Westerly Sun - Westerly,RI,USA
... since 2000, a change related to a rise in the feral cat population. The explosion in their numbers pushed the state to require feline licensing that same year ...

Residents trapped by animals, law
City ordinance allows traps, stops cats from roaming the neighborhood
Newark Advocate - Newark,OH,USA
... The ordinance also makes it illegal for cat-owners to let their cats run free and requires owners of pit bulls to register their animals and muzzle the dog ...

Hoarding: When animal lovers become animal abusers
Torrington Register Citizen, CT
... Her three cats, 22 dogs, ferret, two exotic opossum, five geese, three chickens, two goats ... uncontrollably, and over time the pet owner takes in a stray dog or ...
[Feral Cat Blog! Resource: Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium (HARC) - Tufts University]

'No kill' may be future of SA strays
San Antonio Express (subscription), TX
... that turned the shelter into one of the country's deadliest for stray and unwanted ... the shelter, which this year will gas nearly 50,000 dogs and cats to death ...

Animal control officer seeking to strengthen her 'backup'
Washington Daily News, NC
... If people are going to feed a stray, she said, they have adopted that ... its rabies vaccination -- an immunization required by state law for all dogs and cats. ...

Police Report: No leads in homicide
St. Augustine Record, FL
... own property. People should avoid contact with wild or stray animals and should not feed raccoons or stray cats. Pet food should ...

Court's help was futile for Greenwood woman
Indianapolis Star, IN
... first glance, the stories about people who go overboard collecting animals are natural headline-grabbers -- "Woman found in urine-soaked house with 50 felines ...

Cat dumpings overwhelm RSPCA
ABC Online, Australia
Spokesman Michael Beatty says the organisation is getting up to 60 cats a week, which is double the usual intake. He says people ...

Couple arrested after cat skeletons found in home
Tallahassee.com, FL
... "It had a horrible smell to it, so they started looking around, and once they opened one door and found the cats, that's when they called me.". ...

Carnival of the Cats -- Weekly on Sundays, posted by 6pm central

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Woman starts program to neuter feral cats
Oakland Press, MI
SYLVAN LAKE - When Linda Wasche was a child, she was always bringing home stray pets. Walk into her home today, and prepare to be greeted by her rescued orange tabby and five beloved rabbits.

Commissioner Begins Effort To Control Cats
Pasco.TBO.com, FL
After promising before November's election to look into the county's exploding population of feral and stray cats, a county commissioner-elect appears to be making good on his promise.

East Carolina University/Student Volunteering
Cash for Cats
November 20, 2004 (9 am-4 pm)
Help our feline friends! In groups of two, volunteers will collect donations at local Food Lion to help spay and neuter feral cats in the community. Volunteers will meet at 8:30 am in front of Christenbury Gym to distribute collection jars and again at 4:30 pm to collect jars. Contact Greg Smith, 717-9469, Saving Graces 4 Felines.

Delano Shelter Kills Nearly All Animals
Bakersfield Channel.com - Bakersfield,CA,USA
DELANO -- You may have heard of a "no kill shelter. " This one could be called an "all kill shelter" and it's right here in Kern County. ...

Animal activists eye shelter barrier
Bakersfield Californian (subscription) - Bakersfield,CA,USA
... But the green fence looms large in Kern's animal overpopulation problem. ... Only people who are looking for their pet get beyond the gate. ...

Critter Crisis
Bakersfield Channel.com, CA
... animal. She believes if just 5000 more dogs and cats were spayed and neutered each year, the stray pet problem might go away. That ...
... The only reason they are alive is because of a local group called The Cat People. They don't just feed the colony, but spay and neuter them. ...

[Feral Cat Blog! Resource: regarding the important lawsuit filed against Kern County Animal Control (Bakersfield, Mohave, California) -- ShelterWatch.com ]

Group aids feral cats
The Journal News.com - Westchester,NY,USA
... re contributing to the problem.' " said Berk, an argument she rejects. "The fact is, the feral cats are always going to be here.". ...

Responsible pet ownership is the key: Swee Say
Today (Singapore), Singapore
Stray cats form the largest group, multiplying at a rate of 20 per cent a year, but there are also more abandoned rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs. ...

Responsible pet ownership key to contain stray population: Lim ...
Channel News Asia, Singapore

Fort Worth Tagging Animals With Microchips
NBC5i.com, TX
Only about 2 percent of the 20,000 stray dogs picked up annually by Fort Worth ... About 70 percent of dogs and a higher percentage of cats taken to city animal ...

Second Thoughts: Reasons aplenty to give thanks
Asbury Park Press, NJ
... Kind people at the dealership where I bought my VW who care for stray cats in the nearby woods. The wildlife rehabber who pays out ...

Santa Paws, 'Spaces' designer on horizon at Bluffs animal shelter
Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil, IA
Not only is Santa Paws on his way, but designer Frank Bielec from "Trading Spaces" is coming, too. He'll be at the shelter Tuesday to present the check for the $10,000 Friskies Cat Room Renovation.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Friday, November 19, 2004

Getting them Halfway Home
Shore Publishing, CT
... Animal Rescue & Shelter is an independent shelter that works to promote spaying and neutering and to assist with trapping, neutering, and returning feral cats. ...

Hooked -- with 8 lives to go
Providence Journal (subscription), RI
A Johnston couple rescues a shy, feral feline, whisk her off to a veterinarian who ... The trap worked too well; three stray cats slipped into the living room. ...

Animals R Friends launches two projects, new Website
Daily Herald, Netherlands Antilles
... By sterilising your pets, you can help solve the problem of the overpopulation of cats and dogs on the island, including the suffering of the many stray animals ...

CHAR has tax-exempt status
Baxter Bulletin, AR
... facility by December 2003 was 97 stray, abused, neglected or just unwanted dogs. In September 2004, CHAR began a foster program for domestic cats and kittens. ...

Animal control bitten by lack of imagination
Bakersfield Californian (subscription), CA
... The county's stray-and-unwanted dog and cat operation is terminally reactionary. ... up as the most constructive Kern County dialogue on dogs and cats perhaps ever ...

More space equals time for strays
Bakersfield Californian (subscription), CA
The Bakersfield Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals re-opened kennels for 40 more stray dogs and up to 22 cats on Thursday. ...

City animal shelter agrees to help adoption group
Houston Chronicle, TX
... to begin supplying a nonprofit group with spayed and neutered dogs and cats that can ... from preventing rabies, responding to dog bites and picking up stray dogs. ...

Shelter Animals Need Home
Thousands of stray animals are put to sleep every year. In fact, one shelter in Houston euthanized 94% of its animals last year. ...

Rabies Alert Issued In Osceola County
WESH.com, FL
... Health officials want folks in that area to call animal control if they see a raccoon out in the daytime and to avoid petting stray dogs or cats.

News in brief from eastern Pennsylvania
Wilkes Barre Times-Leader, PA
... ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) - Salisbury Township is trying to get a court injunction to force a family to get rid of at least 26 cats, saying the felines are a health ...

Fur's still flying in Salisbury cat case Township tries — again ...
Allentown Morning Call, PA
By Randy Kraft. Salisbury Township is seeking a court injunction to force a family to get rid of at least 26 cats, saying the animals ...

100-plus cats found in suburban home
Chicago Tribune (subscription), IL
... homes for about 70 cats rescued from a Vernon Hills residence where police and health workers last week discovered and removed nearly twice that many felines. ...

Company offering to clone cats for $50,000
Houston Chronicle, TX
... But Peaches represents the company's last trial run, and it has now begun copying cats for six customers who have paid the $50,000 fee. ...

Cat Cloning at Genetic Savings and Clone NPR (audio)

35 cats rescued from squalid home
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, NY
(November 19, 2004) — Thirty-five cats living in horrific conditions in a city home were confiscated by the Humane Society at Lollypop Farm on Wednesday. ...

140 sickly cats found at a home in suburb
Chicago Tribune (subscription), IL
More than 140 cats, many of them dead or diseased, were removed last week from a Vernon Hills home strewn with garbage and animal waste, officials said Thursday ...

Cat-filled house stuns officials
Chicago Daily Herald - Chicago,IL,USA
... Galassie said. Although the woman had more animals than allowed by local ordinance, no citations were given or charges brought. "We ...

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Humane Society offers pets, promotes spay-neuter
Mount Shasta Herald - Mt. Shasta,CA,USA
... Unaltered cats also become a problem, resulting in a major population of feral cats nationwide. The Siskiyou Humane Society is working ...
The Siskiyou Humane Society is working to help solve the feral cat problem in Siskiyou County through a new feral cat altering program. The society has been able to obtain funds through donations and fund-raising efforts to purchase traps (cages that automatically close behind the cat). Through cooperation with local veterinarians, the captured cats are spayed or neutered and released.

Volunteers help cats come in from the cold
Boston Globe - Boston,MA,USA
... A decade ago, the general policy was for stray cats to be trapped and euthanized as a way to control the cat population, a method some organizations still ...

Humane Society adoptions put on hold
Mansfield News Journal, OH
... Two of the dead cats have been sent to a forensic lab to be autopsied ... You pick up a stray or someone brings in an animal that's been infected and it passes that ...

Orangeburg Co. town investigating numerous animal poisonings
... just gotta jog their memory." Most were wild, about a third were dogs and cats. ... be bought with a license, "Somebody who has a problem with stray animals is out ...

Cat owners can protect trees from frisky felines
Winston-Salem Journal, NC
A message to any cats out there who are thinking of climbing the Christmas tree this year: Fuhgeddaboutit. Cats, as many owners ...

Houston animal shelter rejects pet adoption offer
Fort Worth Star Telegram (subscription) - Fort Worth,TX,USA
The city's Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care rejected the offer by Spay-Neuter Assistance Program because the adoptions would not be profitable. ...

34 Cats Removed From Squalid Home In Rochester
A home in the city of Rochester will probably have to be demolished, because of the conditions in which 34 cats were found living, by the Humane Society at ...

Animal Advocates Oppose Pet Cloning: American Anti-Vivisection ...
U.S. Newswire (press release), DC
... and new Web site, http://www.NoPetCloning.org, dedicated to informing the public about the budding market in cloned companion animals such as cats and dogs and ...

Houston County, cities unite for animal control proposal
Macon Telegraph, GA
... One of the most significant changes will be for county pet owners living on less than 5 acres who were allowed to have a total of four cats or dogs on their ...

Glut Of Animals Causes Overcrowding At Watsonville Shelter
KSBW Channel.com, CA
... Most of the animals euthanized were cats with various illnesses ranging from ringworm to feline leukemia. Two puppies were also suffering from parvo virus. ...

Houston animal shelter rejects pet adoption offer
... The city's Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care rejected the offer by Spay-Neuter Assistance Program because the adoptions would not be profitable. ...

Houston Chronicle, TX
The Spay-Neuter Assistance Program recently offered to lend its truck to volunteers who would take as many as 30 animals to malls on Saturdays. ...

Crowded Animal Shelter Needs More Space
... donations. They ask for $40 when you adopt a pet to cover spay and neuter costs, which is something they say all pets should have done.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Group observes Feral Cat Day
Charlotte Observer (subscription) - Charlotte,NC,USA
Volunteers offered free educational information on feral cats and low-cost spay/neuter programs, collected donations and sold raffle tickets. ...

Normal OKs cat-control ordinance
Peoria Journal Star, IL
NORMAL - The Town Council approved a cat leash law Monday that members hope will lead to a decrease in feral cats, which in large colonies can present a public ...

New contract between shelter, county beefs up stipen
The News-Review, OR
... Douglas County and several other counties saw their feral cat populations double over ... have dropped 43 percent for dogs and 22 percent for cats, according to a ...

Stoneham notes
Stoneham Sun, MA
... The mission of the Stoneham Feral Cat Society is to educate and assist the general public in the care and management of feral cats in our town. ...

Strange bird behavior prompts calls
MaineToday.com, ME
... wintering grounds, do you know what the greatest predator is to these birds? Beware all you feline adorers, its feral house cats.

Critics take on Delco SPCA board
philly.com (subscription), PA
... wrote to Delaware County veterinarians earlier this month that euthanasia rates last summer were "consistently remaining well over 85% for stray cats and over ...

Referendum failure means communities on their own
Pioneer Press Online, IL
... Meanwhile, Elmwood Park, Franklin Park, Northlake, River Grove and unincorporated Leyden Township continue to handle stray dogs and cats, as they have since ...

11-17: Former Tyler city manager may be hired for Kilgore job
News Journal, TX
... It also allows residents to trap a stray or a loose animal on their property ... also disagreed with the proposed ordinance's limit on the number of dogs and cats. ...

Animal Shelter Director Charged With Animal Cruelty
... They're supposed to be a humane shelter, taking dogs and cats in. ... she says her license only allows her to adopt out pre-owned pets, not take in stray animals. ...

New Shelter to House 74 Cats, Dogs
Indiana Gazette, PA
... Karen Fedelia of New Florence, manager of the kennel at the mobile home, said 32 stray cats are currently being housed there. Fedelia ...

'Adopt-a-Buddy' program means two kitties for one
Bend.com, OR
... adoption fee. The program will end November 30th. This is your opportunity to have two fun furry felines home for the holidays. As with ...

PETA (press release)
... "animal rescue facility." According to news sources, a monkey and up to 40 leukemia-stricken felines and 25 lame horses—including some who were several ...

Cats Abandoned in 'Cowardly' Act
The Scotsman, UK
The dumping of two cats by the side of a Cornish road has been condemned by the RSPCA as a “cruel and cowardly act.”. The animals ...

County seeks funds to continue spay-neuter program
Kingman Daily Miner, AZ
... Carter said this is the first time the Spay-Neuter Incentive Program has run low on funds since the county took it over from the Western Arizona Humane Society ...

Shelter euthanasia revisited
Houston Chronicle, TX
... offices, last year sent more than 1,000 tons of euthanized animals to landfills, said Sean Hawkins, CEO and founder of Spay-Neuter Assistance Program and a ...

Free pet neutering for the low-income
Los Angeles Daily News, CA
... set up outside Lancaster and Palmdale supermarkets and at the Lancaster animal shelter will neuter up to ... Dog owners must call (888) 364-7729 (888 DOG SPAY). ...

Focus: 'Death by the pound'
San Antonio Express (subscription), TX
... This is a problem that can be solved, with education and free spay/neuter clinics. It will cost money, as all worthwhile programs do. ...

Stanislaus County, CA Faces Breeding Restrictions
AKC Gazette
... The AKC opposes the concept of breeding permits, breeding bans and mandatory spay/neuter of purebred dogs. Instead, we support reasonable ...

Passion for animals helps three women cope with one of the ...
Exeter News-Letter, NH
... Other regions of the country, especially areas notorious for wide-scale commercial dog breeding and poor spay/neuter programs, depend on shelter workers to ...

Spay & neuter facility now open
There's now a better way to control the pet population in our area. On Tuesday New Hanover County Animal Control dedicated a new spay and neuter facility. ...

Group wants to take over shelter
Tallahassee.com - Tallahassee,FL,USA
... In the proposal, Extended Circle lays out a plan to turn the animal shelter into a "no-kill" facility, meaning that euthanasia - or the humane killing of ...

Don't make Seminole fans look even worse
[Scroll down to]
Story judged Wakulla animal welfare unfairly
Re: "Shoot a pet, pay the price" (news article, Nov. 15).
Tallahassee Democrat - Tallahassee,FL,USA
... From Jennifer Jefferson's article, I concluded that Barbara Law of the Extended Circle, a no-kill animal shelter, has an absolutely hostile attitude to ...

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Homes sought for rescued cats
Marquette Mining Journal, MI
PHOTO: Dayna Kennedy, left, and Caron Christopherson, right, of the Humane Society of Marquette County hold two out of the 78 cats that were treated under poor ...

Churchill Insurance recommends provision for cats
Quote Search, UK
People living with cats should take out pet insurance to avoid paying huge veterinary fees, according to a new study by Churchill Insurance. ...

Land offer puts block on cats
Townsville Bulletin, Australia
... Magnetic Island's Picnic Bay. Not only will you not be allowed to keep cats, lawn mowers and fences have been banned. "We've always ...

Woman and pets must leave home
Akron Beacon Journal (subscription), OH
... Exactly how many pets she has isn't known. An unknown number of cats roamed freely through a second-floor broken window over a breezeway. ...

A soft spot for stray pets
Houston Chronicle - Houston,TX,USA
... am a responsible pet owner who can afford to neuter and spay my animals. [But] many human caretakers aren't educated or can't afford the sterilization treatment ...

Writing LA's Wrongs with a "No Kill" Shelter Proposal
Opinion Editorials, VA
... adoptable dogs and cats to shoppers. Many localities have instituted free dog training, "pets ok" rental referrals, humane education, free feral cat assistance ...

Normal unleashes feral cat ordinance
Bloomington Pantagraph, IL
... The ordinance allows the foundation to continue to trap feral cats, have them neutered and return them to the same area as long as the colony isn't considered ...

It's raining cats, dogs at shelter
Bakersfield Californian (subscription), CA
... The county also is asking people who have captured stray or feral cats to bring the animals into the county shelter rather than calling animal control officers ...

Couple works to help abandoned "alley" cats
9NEWS.com, CO
LOVELAND - Experts say there may be tens of millions of feral cats in the US They are abandoned or runaway cats that often collect in colonies in empty ...

BSPCA celebrates 25 years of caring
Gulf Daily News, Bahrain
... "At the moment, we don't have the space to separate dogs from bitches, or to isolate dogs when they first come to us and we don't have space for feral cats. ...

Local homeless pets take to the Internet
Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald, NC
... They are also looking for homes on farms for feral cats. "I like Petfinder because it is nationwide," Rainbow Rescue member and Webmaster Susan Cook said. ...

New York Post, NY
... years ago, city shelters killed an estimated 80 percent of their stray and unwanted ... effort to stop the killing of all healthy, adoptable dogs and cats by 2009 ...

County receiving comments on new land use code
Pine River Times - Bayfield,CO,USA
... the code review committee think the county should consider a junk ordinance separate from ... Lauro's suggestion was to make the dog and cat limit apply on five ...

People helping people
Volunteer Opportunities
Newburyport News - Newburyport,MA,USA
... org. Volunteers needed to help out at our no-kill shelter, provide a foster home for kittens and to feed homeless cats. Merrimack ...

Monday, November 15, 2004

JAVMA: management of abandoned & feral cats

Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA)
November 1, 2004 (Vol 225; No. 9: pp. 1331-1435)

Veterinary Medicine Today
Animal Welfare Forum: Management of Abandoned and Feral Cats

Understanding issues and solutions for unowned, free-roaming cat populations
Margaret R. Slater

Bonnie V. Beaver

Humane strategies for controlling feral cat populations
Julie K. Levy, P. Cynda Crawford

Analyzing approaches to feral cat management—one size does not fit all
Michael K. Stoskopf, Felicia B. Nutter

Professional, ethical, and legal dilemmas of trap-neuter-release
Paul L. Barrows

Trap-neuter-release programs: the reality and the impacts
Linda Winter

The welfare of feral cats and wildlife
David A. Jessup

Scientific Reports Small Animals

Reproductive capacity of free-roaming domestic cats and kitten survival rate
Felicia B. Nutter, Jay F. Levine, Michael K. Stoskopf

Time and financial costs of programs for live trapping feral cats
Felicia B. Nutter, Michael K. Stoskopf, Jay F. Levine

Monday, November 15, 2004

Homeless pets' paradise
San Antonio Express (subscription) - San Antonio,TX,USA
... Lammers, administrator of San Antonio's pound, insists it is more humane to euthanize ferals than to return them to what ... "It's just not trap, neuter and abandon ...
... Feral cats are trapped and killed by the millions in pounds across the country. But ... Feral cats require territory to survive. If ...

Private shelters offer hope for unwanted cats, dogs
San Antonio Express (subscription) - San Antonio,TX,USA
A privately funded San Antonio shelter at the forefront of the "no-kill" movement, the ADL believes animals should be euthanized only when they become too sick ...

Growing numbers doom feral cats
Provo Daily Herald - Provo,UT,USA
... Of the offspring of feral cats, less than half will be adoptable, if any of them can be rehabilitated into house pets at all, said Melissa Zobell, who runs ...

Feral cats plague Normal
Peoria Journal Star - Peoria,IL,USA
... demeanor keeps them independent. They are feral cats, and in Normal, they are dividing the community. Some residents, calling the ...

County May Euthanize More Animals
11/15/04- Shiawassee County's Commission Budget Committee will discuss cuts that could lead to the deaths of more stray cats and dogs. ...

Fur flies as urban cat complaints rise
Asahi Shimbun, Japan
... the authorities. However, the law doesn't apply to felines, except when a cat is found to be infected with rabies. Anyone capturing ...

Humane Society shakeout over; new leadership set
Wausau Daily Herald, WI
... To adopt a pet, people will pay between $75 and $160 more - between $200 and $310 - because the shelter has decided to no longer spay or neuter the animals or ...

Daily Digest
Provo Daily Herald, UT
... A mobile spay/neuter will be held Thursday in the parking lot near the Highland City retention pond at the mouth of American Fork Canyon, about 4400 West on ...

Letters | Animal shelters: The bigger picture
Philadelphia Daily News (subscription), PA
... who devalue the lives of their companion animals, who fail to make the necessary lifetime commitment to their pets' welfare, who do not spay or neuter, and who ...

Shoot a pet, pay the price
Tallahassee Democrat, FL
... Wakulla County. "If people would spay and neuter their pets," she said, "there wouldn't be overpopulation.". For more information ...

CARE explores funding options
Valley News, CO
To make up for the lost funding, CARE has created Calendar Vets, a 2005 calendar of valley veterinarians posing in the near-buff.
"We based it on the movie 'Calendar Girls,' about a fund-raiser for older women who posed nude but everything was strategically placed," Rockey said. The same is true in the case of the vets, except in this case the strategic placement is with animals and veterinary equipment.
… She also cautioned, "The cat population has exploded. People have to understand they have to get cats spayed. A cat can have a litter as early as 6 months old."

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Feline refuge purring along on Mt. Moriah
Whitehaven Appeal, TN
Enter Mewtopia on Mt. Moriah, where cats lounge on top of cages, rub against ankles and pounce on plastic toys. Although these felines are tucked back into their cages at the end of each day, many have figured out how to flip the latch and enjoy free reign of the place.

Fur flies over city's proposal to limit cats
Boston Globe - Boston,MA,USA
Some cat lovers are bristling at a Marlborough plan to curtail cat ownership, saying it punishes responsible owners who care for stray and feral cats. ...

SPCA overcrowded with cats
News 10 Now - Syracuse,NY,USA
As the temperature plummets, more and more people are trying to find a nice warm shelter for stray cats. But there's so many cats ...

Did miscommunication lead to cat killings?
Lompoc Record, CA
... Carrie Elrod, current foster mom of Pretty Girl and two other orphan cats, helped Wanda Nurss find homes for some of the felines in the week before the ...

Mesa woman hopes her 75 seized cats will be adopted
East Valley Tribune, AZ
A Mesa woman who kept 75 cats in her small apartment until they were taken by authorities last week said Saturday she hopes the animals get adopted. ...

Proposed ordinance pushes unnecessary exterminations
Bloomington Pantagraph - Bloomington,IL,USA
... Sterile Feral Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, supports a trap-neuter-return approach that is focused on spaying and neutering these cats. ...

Town of Normal needs to adopt feral cat ordinance
Bloomington Pantagraph - Bloomington,IL,USA
... to catch a cat that may be diseased, injured, or showing signs of unusual behavior. At the present time the Town of Normal does not have an ordinance in place ...

New animal ordinance now in effect
Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil - Council Bluffs,IA,USA
... The ordinance puts the responsibility on the owner, not only from an ethical stand-point ... example, if the owner is found to have an unlicensed dog or cat, a $40 ...

Feds seek input on non-native red foxes
Coos Bay World, OR
... The environmental assessment offers four alternatives to the problem, from doing nothing to trapping and killing foxes, feral cats, raccoons and rats. ...

Moves to shorten animal death row
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia
... summer cat breeding season has highlighted the enormity of the feral cat problem. ... Dogs Home and Cat Shelter managing director Graeme Smith said cats and dogs ...

Pets in peril
MLive.com, MI
... COUNTY - County budget woes could end up taking the lives of cats and dogs ... neutering of adopted animals and promotes sterilization to reduce the stray population ...

'Santa's Stray' heartwarming story of homeless cat
The Wichita Eagle, KS
... She currently lives in Bel Aire with her son Henry, a second-grader, and their six cats, all ex-strays. I asked her about "Santa's Stray," a book written as a ...

Robert Rivard: How animals are treated helps define a city and its ...
San Antonio Express (subscription), TX
... progressive policies that other cities employ to greatly reduce stray animals while ... surprise as they find themselves interacting with dogs and cats in such ...

Death by the pound
San Antonio Express (subscription), TX
... There will be enough space so cats aren't crammed four and five to ... Because there's a correlation between poverty and the concentration of stray and vicious dogs ...

Some cats can find comfort in wool or chenille
New River Valley Current - Christiansburg,VA,USA
... territorial male cat, all of which would be marking their territory. You do not mention where you live, as most towns and cities have an ordinance about stray ...

Around Town
News Leader - Fernandina Beach,FL,USA
... displaying their wares. A silent auction will feature a variety of items, all helping to support Cats Angels' spay/neuter program. ...

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Passions were directed at wrong person
Silver City Daily Press - Silver City,NM,USA
... Although we would like to emulate the town's policy regarding stray and feral cats, it has not been practical to date. Silver City ...

Campaign aims to keep felines healthy
Idaho State Journal, ID
Friends of the Pocatello Animal Shelter, along with Alpine Animal Hospital, Alta Animal Hospital, Bannock Animal Medical Center and Hawthorne Animal Hospital, are sponsoring a Fall Healthy Cats Campaign. According to a press release, coupons will be sold for $45.
These can be used at one of the participating veterinarians to get your cat spayed or neutered, vaccinated against rabies and tested for the feline leukemia and aid viruses.

Humane society efforts honored
Galesburg Register Mail, IL
GALESBURG - The Knox County Humane Society has been named a star partner of the Very Best Pet Network [petfinders.com website ~B] for its success in finding homes for unwanted animals. ...
... The KCHS is trying to solve the problem by promoting spay/neuter programs to reduce the number of unwanted pets. It offers subsidized spay/neuter vouchers to those who cannot afford to have a pet fixed, even though the KCHS looses money on every voucher it sells. ...
... More than 8,000 vouchers have been sold in the past nine years, but the number of unwanted animals continues to grow. ...
[Feral Cat Blog! Note: There can be many factors for the increase of unwanted animals in any area. Still, vouchers are not the most effective way to ensure that all adopted shelter animals become sterilized. Please research model neuter before adoption programs, also referred to as pre-adoption sterilization or at-adoption sterilization. Shelter adoptions and increasing market share of animal adoptions are very important but animal experts state emphatically "ultimately we cannot adopt our way out of pet overpopulation." High-impact PREVENTIVE programs for spay/neuter and pet retention must be in place CONCURRENTLY in the community or region.]

Capital letters
Cat ladies and the law keep the Eternal City's felines sleek and slow
Guardian, UK
... At Torre Argentina, the terminus of the number 8 tram, near the spot where Julius Caesar was stabbed by Brutus, hordes of stray cats lounge around among the ...

Animal-rights group intervenes after 49 rescued felines found
Canton Repository (subscription), OH
By EDD PRITCHARD Repository staff writer. The Coalition for Animal Concerns, based in Canton, is seeking permanent or temporary homes ...

Number Of Feral Cats Grows In Chilton County
NBC13.com - Birmingham,AL,USA
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- Some residents in Chilton County are concerned about the groups of feral cats that are running wild. Chilton ...

Stray kittens test positive for rabies
The Republican - Springfield,MA,USA
PALMER - Officials are warning Maple Tree Industrial Park employees to avoid feeding and handling stray cats at the complex after two kittens found there ...

Normal council will consider cat ordinance
Bloomington Pantagraph - Bloomington,IL,USA
... The new plan would allow Sterile Feral Foundation to trap, neuter and return cats to a colony as long as the colony did not become a nuisance. ...

Voters have spoken on marriage definition
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Feral cat sterilization best solution for now
Greensboro News Record - Greensboro,NC,USA
... A letter to the editor (Nov. 2, Judy Stierand) on feral cats released into the wild speaks to a problem with no easy solution. Volunteers ...

Goings out
Bolton Common - Harvard,MA,USA
... Second Chance will hold spay/neuter clinics for cats at a local Clinton veterinary hospital Thursdays, Nov. 18, Dec. 4 and Dec. 16. ...

Promise of care, hopes for a home
MaineToday.com - Portland,ME,USA
... to celebrate. The new building that houses the no-kill shelter and adoption center for cats is at 302 Range Road. Previously, the ...

Cats overwhelm SB mobile home
San Bernardino Sun, CA
... For 18 months, Space 17 occupied by Frank and Anna Jorge was a safe house for stray cats that were fed and taken in by the Jorges, said Ken Childress, director ...

County will still pick up strays
Bakersfield Californian (subscription), CA
... Officials will take only the first 18 dogs and 11 cats brought in to the county ... said animal control officers will honor the law and pick up all stray dogs. ...

Community briefs
Allston-Brighton TAB, MA
... The Cat Connection is asking for volunteers to feed feral cats in the Oak Square area once a week. ...